With the cheer of Christmas approaching, both myself and others have to deal with the inevitable Halloween-Blues. Goodbye pumpkins, goodbye treats and sweets, goodbye dressing up as anything you want without being judged because it is a mystical, magical night.

Alas, don’t fear- while Halloween may be over,ve a wickedly devilish sense of fashion style. In using on infamous witches in pop culture. Starting off, we have he Witch and The Wardrobes ‘Queen Jardis’. now while Jardis¬†is called ‘The White witch’, I would stress to point out shed anything but good. Well, with the exception of her fashion sense. Jardis here manages to effortlessly encapsulate the winter wonderland . And while I would never condone the use of real animal fur, my god does she work a lion shawl. Sorry, Aslan- pain is gain, darling.

Moving on to – dare I say- an even deadlier opponenet, we are fac the most terrifyingly brilliant characters in ficitional TV. Welcome to the stage- Miss Bellatrix Lestrange! Bellatrix’s wardrobe- much like her soul- is black and morbid. We’re talking floor length gown, with hardered, stiff materials such as… And yet, despite all this terrifying… there,s still a sexy appeal there, somewhere.



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