As part of Green Week 2015, staff and students from across Brighton University took on one of 5 ‘c-change challenges’ and posted about their experience on Twitter and Facebook. The five challenges included:

1. The ‘Radical Re-Use’ Challenge.

2. The ‘Veg out’ Challenge.

3. The ‘Travel Light Challenge’

4. The ‘Plastic Detox’ Challege

5. The ‘Love Local’ Challenge. 

I decided to tackle all challenges put forward for this week. I started off with the veg-out challenge, and was amazed by the variety of delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals I tried. It was fun to experiment with different food and to know I was being more beneficial to the environment! I swapped bacon for cereal in the mornings, steaks for pasta bakes and included much more fruit, and I can see the effects of a healthier diet, too! I combined this with the ‘travel light’ challenge, walking and taking the bus, discovering the ‘Seven Sisters’ in Seaford- climbing them and seeing a beautiful view of nature from the top of the cliff- inspiration for the rest of my week! I also car-pooled with friends with was sociable as well as efficient.

I decided to try my own challenges as well for the week, encouraging friends to not litter- after all, it’s not the bin mans job to pick it up, it’s HUMANITY’s job to look after the environment! I also started to putt my cigarette butts in the designated bins, rather than chucking them on the floor- bad, and unsightly!

Now, I know not everyone will take on all challenges, but perhaps you’d try one or two for a week to see if you can do it! If not, there are still a million things that you can do to help the environment! From swapping baths to showers to conserve water, donating unwanted clothes for re-use, even switching off lights when you leave a room can help. After all, it only takes a small group to change the world. And we will.


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