The Obession with Fairytales

Fairy tales have been told for thousands of years, we tell them to our children as we tuck them in at night. We recite them as teenage play and discuss the psychoanalytical side as adults.

Throughout our lives, Fairy tales are prominent. In my opinion, there’s something inexplicable mysteries and magical about them, unlike other stories. As a child, I wanted to wear the infamous cape of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and see the house made out of sweets and chocolate from Hansel and Gretel. The vivid imagery detailing the tower from which long flowing hair poured down, the countless evil witches and stepmothers and good fairy godmothers and heroines.

As an English Lit student, the first part of my course allows me to look into Fairy tales from a socio-political and analytical side. I’ve learnt that Red Riding Hood is believed to have medieval Italian roots in which the girl commits cannibalism, and the story is more of a celebration of female wit and cunning before changing- as society becomes more patriarchal, suddenly it is the girls fault for being gullible and naïve. Perrault’s version turns the narrative into a moral in which ladies should learn from. The brothers Grimm put their graphic twist on it. And so forth the story becomes different, changing and adapting to fit our purposes needs, like all fairy tales.

I watch the TV show ‘once upon a time’ which is based on Fairy tale characters, and is a interesting yet admittedly cliché take on them. The film industry recycles fairy tales constantly – one example is the fairly new ‘Snow white and the Huntsman and the upcoming ‘Into the Woods’ released on Christmas day (which I am extremely excited about).

Fairy tales have always interested me. I have based many art designs and drawings and stories on them, and I will never tire of their magical comfort. And I will definitely be reading many of them to my children in the future.


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